Fireflies QRP 72 Sprint

Fireflies QRP 72 Sprint

Our very first Fireflies QRP 72 Sprint is July 2, 2019 00:00 - 02:00 Zulu. This will be an annual event hosted by the Fireflies QRP Club. The purpose of this event is to promote QRP amateur radio and to demonstrate how much fun it is to do more with less.

All licensed amateur radio operators are encouraged to participate. Membership is not required.

If you would like to be assigned a FF # please email us at and include your callsign.

The Sprint well be held every July 2nd (or as we like to call it, “National QRP Day”) from 00:00 – 02:00 Zulu (July 1st 8pm-10pm EDT)

Working a Firefly Station – 3 points
Working a non-Firefly, but QRP station – 2 points
Working any other Station – 1 point


5 watts max output for CW or SSB

x1 for each S/P/C worked. S/P/C only count once, no matter how many bands you work them on. So if you work 10 states and 2 DX countries, you would get a x12 multiplier to your total score.

"S/P/C" refers to your "State" (US), "Province" (Canada), or "Country" (DX).

Suggested Call
Call “CQ FF” on CW or “CQ Fireflies” on SSB

Firefly Stations: RST, S/P/C, Firefly number
Non-Firefly Stations: RST, S/P/C, Output power

Suggested frequencies:
The QRP "Watering Holes"

For CW
80 Meters ~ 3.560 MHz
40 Meters ~ 7.040 and 7.030 MHz - also consider using from 7.114 to 7.122 MHz for a "slower" speed CW area. We want to have everyone involved!
20 Meters ~ 14.060 MHz
15 Meters ~ 21.060 MHz
10 Meters ~ 28.060 MHz

80 Meters ~ 3.985 MHz
40 Meters ~ 7.285 MHz
20 Meters ~ 14.285 MHz
15 Meters ~ 21.385 MHz
10 Meters ~ 28.885 MHz, and for those Technicians wanting to try a little SSB QRP - try hanging around 28.385 MHz.

These are suggested starting points, of course. Feel free to spread out.

Log summaries, photos (Lots and lots of photos, please!) and soapbox comments should be sent to no later than July 10, 2019.

Please include your name and callsign with your log summary. Awards will be issued to the top scorers.

Please help us spread the word.