Fireflies QRP

Welcome to the Fireflies QRP webpage. We are a group of amateur radio operators from around the world devoted to operating with low power, typically 5 watts or less. We embrace the spirit of doing more with less and operating outdoors with a view. We encourage building your own equipment, also known as "home-brewing" and we are always willing to help someone new to the hobby.

We hosted our first on the air sprint event in July of 2019 and we are looking forward to doing many more events in the future.

Fireflies QRP was created in Central Indiana in early 2019. Several local amateurs wanted "more" from a club than just business meetings and a hamfest once a year. We wanted to operate outdoors, welcome new amateurs to join us, build our own equipment and have some fun! The club was named after the Indiana state insect, the Says Firefly. We now have over 150 members across the country and around the world.

All are welcome to join, no dues... just fun! To join our group and get your very own Firefly # simply send us an email with your name and callsign to